IXL Milestone Reached!



Mrs. Burkhalter’s 8th grade students reached a milestone on Friday, Dec. 2nd. Collectively, they answered 101,923 questions, spent 838 hours practicing and made progress in 153 math skills using IXL, an online math practice site aligned to the state standards. Although many students worked really hard, the following students went above and beyond. DeAsia Harris and Esteban Chavez both studied over 24 hours on IXL and Halei Richardson put in over 25 hours of practice. Jaylon Jackson worked over 31 hours practicing math skills, while Destiney Felix spent over 37 hours answering over 5600 questions and made progress in 69 different math skills! Mrs. Burkhalter stated that she is very proud of the hard work all of her students have put in practicing their math skills and will treat everyone to pizza on Friday Dec. 9th.



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Hello Everyone,

Reidsville Middle School is a great place to be and is destined for amazing things in 2016-2017. The gifts and talents of our students combined with the dedication and passion of our teachers allows us to strive for excellence. Excellence is not the result of a good intention or clever slogan. It is not a value that is easily achieved. It comes from a strong desire to improve how we do things when we see something we can do better. We will continue to work hard to ensure that Reidsville Middle School becomes a school that sets their students and teachers up for success. As we strive for excellence, we will move from Good to GREAT.


~Gwenda Johnson

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